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A large statement of confidence

New UW-Stevens Point Science Building scheduled to break ground in Spring 2016

When the current UW-Stevens Point Science Building was built in 1963, there was little indication that not only would it be somewhat antiquated by 2015, but would require additions, renovations, and moves of departments, accompanied by unprecedented growth in the sciences.
UW-Stevens Point has some of the highest enrollment science programs in the UW System, including more than 2,500 students majoring or minoring in biology and natural resources disciplines. With critical needs for classroom, laboratory and office space, the university has spent countless hours in the past five years working with the University of Wisconsin System and the State Division of Facilities Development (DFD) toward the design of a new, state-of-the-art science laboratory/classroom building. This building will become reality with successful construction bids in December 2015, with groundbreaking scheduled for the spring of 2016.
Designed as a “science-on-display” facility, it will house the entire Department of Chemistry, and the molecular biology, human biology and botany sections of the Department of Biology. As an opportunity for recruiting new students into the sciences, and to complement its renown as a science-excellence campus, the new building will add 176,500 square feet of working space, be a central hub of activity for campus, and be home to more than 45 full-time faculty and staff. It will house the department offices as well as the central offices of the Dean of Letters and Science.
Plans include a central walk-through commons and a unique tropical conservatory to house plants to be used in instructional and research activities. The four-story, multifaceted building will also house classrooms, auditoriums and conference rooms for small group interactions, an outdoor amphitheater classroom, and a green roof commons funded by the Student Government Association.
The building will become a showpiece for campus, allowing visitors to view students and faculty active in research and teaching with hands-on interactive displays for exploration of the sciences. This building will keep UW-Stevens Point at the center of undergraduate science education in the state for many years to come.
“This is more than just a new science building,” says College of Letters and Science Dean Chris Cirmo. “It is a statement of the confidence the system has in our offering top-tier undergraduate science programs for the state of Wisconsin, as we address specific growth needs in health care, medicine, molecular biology, biochemistry, plant sciences, and chemistry. Together with UW-Stevens Point’s partnership with the Community Medical Education Program of the Medical College of Wisconsin, our preparation of pre-professionals in medicine and health care will be second to none.” 

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