COLS Grant Information

The College of Letters & Science offers numerous opportunities for support of faculty and students through the course of the academic year.  Below is a schedule of funding opportunities and their deadlines for submitting proposals to the College for support.  Departments may set earlier deadlines as each department chair must endorse proposals.

Upcoming Grant Application Deadlines

  • Classroom/Lab Modernization: no awards this academic year
  • L & S Enhancement Grant: October 5, 2018
  • Undergraduate Education Initiative (UEI):  no awards this academic year
  • Faculty Development Grant: no awards this academic year
  • Mini-Grant: Fall 2018 round submission date TBD

Descriptions of Grants

Undergraduate Education Initiative (UEI)

Assists with undergraduate research projects, book purchases, and a variety of undergraduate programs. Funding is intended to benefit currently-enrolled students, either enrolled for the full academic year or for one semester of the current academic year.


Undergraduate Education Initiative Guidelines (PDF)
Undergraduate Education Initiative Grant (Word Document)

L & S Enhancement Fund

Interest generated from this fund is used to enhance and enrich the quality of education that the UWSP College of Letters & Science offers its students.


L&S Enhancement Grant (Word Document)

Faculty Development Grant

COLS has allocated a portion of its GPR budget to be used for faculty & program development grants. These dollars are intended to support research and program activities that focus on faculty scholarly and professional development.


Faculty Development Grant (Word Document)

Mini-Grants and Intracollege Software Grants

The College of Letters & Science has received a small allocation to be used for mini-grants. Refer to Mini-Grants form for further information.  


Mini-Grants (Word Document)

Classroom/Lab Modernization

Provides funding for comprehensive modernization of instructional laboratories, and for upgrades to classroom technology.  


Classroom/Lab Modernization Form (Word Document)