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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Tyler Bosch

Researcher | University of Minnesota

Automation of Data Collection to Interpretation

Now more than ever teams and players have access to data, but how quickly you can turn data into information that is accurate, reliable and informative is critical in sport. Additionally, individualization of that data is critical to make meaningful interpretations about athlete monitoring and performance analyses. This session will discuss ways to use Google forms, Google sheets and R to automate data collection and interpretation to turn data to information in minutes rather than hours and days. Attendees will learn good data practices for collection, storage and analyses of data, how the accuracy and reliability of the data affects interpretation, and how to use free tools and software to create individualized athlete dashboards to bring data together in a meaningful format.

Tyler Bosch is currently a researcher at the University of Minnesota and the co-founder of Dexalytics, a body composition analytics solution that provides sport and position specific scoring for how an athlete’s body type relates to on field performance. He also works with teams to develop individualized data management and visualization platforms that are specific to their needs. In addition to his research background he has spent more than 15 years coaching and training athletes allowing me to work with a variety of technology and data types to monitor and optimize human performance.

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