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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Thomas Miller

Faculty Director, Predictive Analytics | Northwestern University

Sports Analytics and Data Science

Sports analytics today is more than a matter of analyzing box scores and play-by-play statistics. Faced with detailed on-field or on-court data from every game, teams seek compétitive advantage through data science and data engineering. We provide a review of data science methods and information technology needed to manage data and build prédictive models from those data. We discuss applications to both the performance and business sides of sports.

Thomas W. Miller, Ph.D, is faculty director of the Master of Science in Predictive Analytics program at Northwestern University. He has taught and helped to design many of the courses in that program, including the graduate course Sports Management Analytics. His Sports Analytics and Data Science: Winning the Game with Methods and Models (Pearson, 2016) is one of six books he has written about data science. Miller has consulted with many businesses, providing advice on performance and value measurement, data science methods, information technology, and best practices in building teams of data scientists and data engineers.

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