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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Russ Rymut

CEO | Nobo

Novel Monitoring Parameters in Sports Analytics

Development of new biometric monitoring parameters has been lacking for decades. While existing biometrics are relatively new to the field of sports analytics, innovation of new parameters promise to provide even more useful and detailed insights into athletes' performance, health and safety. Attendees will learn to understand the raw data currently available to sports analytics platforms, understand new and coming developments in monitored parameters, and predict how new parameters can impact sports analytics and what currently unquantified data may provide valuable information.

Russ Rymut is the founder and CEO of Nobo, a company that creates tools to help trainers understand their athletes, clinicians understand their patients and consumers understand themselves. Russ uses his passion for health technologies to build new IT and biometric sensing systems that solve real health problems, and his expertise is backed by more than 25 years in the healthcare industry. Prior to founding Nobo, Russ worked for both Honeywell Life Care Solutions and GE Healthcare, among other positions in the healthcare and medical technologies field.

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