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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Roland Minton

Professor of Mathematics | Roanoke College

The PGA Tour: Playing to Your Strengths

Data for all shots from the PGA Tour is analyzed to evaluate golfers’ strengths and weaknesses. These are compared to performance in individual tournaments to explore whether success and failure are affected more by strengths being improved or weaknesses being minimized. Participants in this session will be able to describe the data available to golfers through ShotLink, define Strokes Gained and explain how it quantifies specific golf skills, and list the most important skill sin golf and explain how week-to-week performance in these skills relates to year-long performance.

Roland Minton is the author of Golf By the Numbers on the science and statistics of golf, Sports Math on sports science and analytics, and is co-author of the Smith/Minton Calculus series. He has taught at Roanoke College for 32 years.

The PGA Tour: Playing to Your Strengths

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