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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Michael Machiorlatti

PhD Candidate | University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Longitudinal Changes in Male Distance Running Performance -- 2001 to 2017

This study explores performance trends (2001-2017) in distance running for men using IAAF data for the distance events at the individual and country level, and examines how performance was associated with age, order of finish, time of year of the event, and location of the event. Attendees will learn to compare running performance across distance events, identify trends in performance by individuals and nations over time, and explain how longitudinal analysis can be used to examine how covariates are associated with performance.

Michael Machiorlatti is a PhD candidate planning at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center with a degree in biostatistics. He has a background in applied math and statistics. His areas of interest in statistics are sampling theory, missing data analysis, applied modeling, and computational statistics. Michael is a big sports fan and has been exploring sports analytics as it combines his love for sports and statistics.

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