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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Mélanie Lewis

University of Oklahoma

Integrating Psychology and Basketball Analytics:

The Good Soldier Syndrome

In basketball, team success is not simply the accumulation of independent individual actions, but rather it is the culmination of interdependent behaviors across all members of a team. Drawing from industrial-organizational psychology, the Good Soldier Syndrome describes the types of individuals who act in ways that benefit the performance of the team, while potentially sacrificing individual accomplishments. This presentation will discuss specific examples of actions representative of this theory, how to measure an individual's level of the Good Soldier Syndrome, and its impact on team success.

Mélanie Lewis is a doctoral candidate in quantitative psychology at the University of Oklahoma. While studying issues related to measurement invariance and causal modeling, she works for the university building predictive models to improve freshman experiences and retention. She was the student division winner of the 2017 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Hackathon.

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