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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Mark R. Ludorf

Stephen F. Austin State University

Run, Bike, and Swim Performance

Reliably Predict Overall Triathlon Performance

Overall triathlon performance is predicated on performance in the component events of swimming, biking, and running. Using data from 10 publicly available race results from across the country and with varying distances (sprint, Olympic, and Ironman), the current research employed a multiple regression analysis to examine the relative contributions of swim, bike, and run performance on overall performance. Results of the study demonstrated that all performance on each of the three events was a reliable predictor (p < .05) of overall performance. The following βs obtained for component performance on the swim (.147, p < .001), bike (.459, p < .001), and run (.522, p < .001). Results suggest that better overall placing is likely to be achieved by focusing training efforts on bike and run performance, though the swim cannot be neglected as it too is a reliable predictor.

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