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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Kratik Malhotra

Director of Sports Science and Analytics | Texas A&M University

From Engineering to American Football:

How Data Can Help Maximize Team Performance

Many teams around the world are utilizing data obtained from their athletes to some degree in order to help maximize their on-field performance. This information comes from both qualitative and quantitative sources. However, in spite of plentiful data available from numerous avenues, one of the biggest puzzles, especially in a sport like American football, is how to have the head coach buy into the science, trust it and utilize the data to his advantage. In my presentation, I will talk about learning a football coach’s language of communication. Furthermore, I will focus on using regressions and classifications to translate the information in a form that is best understandable to a coach. Moreover, I will highlight the various types of technologies used by us at Texas A&M Football not only to test and analyze the data but also, to collect it. I will round off my presentation by explaining how important design and implementation of a successful periodization scheme is in order to prevent injuries and drive future individual and team performance.

Kratik Malhotra is the director of sports science and analytics for the Texas A&M football team. He graduated from the University of Pune, India as an electronics engineer with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence. Continuing his work in sports as an analyst, which he started in the final-year of his engineering degree, he helped Salgaocar SC and Dempo SC win I-League titles in consecutive years. In 2012, he moved to the United States and graduated with a master's in science degree in sport management from the Florida State University with a focus on analytics. Since graduating from FSU, he has worked with the NFL and NBA combine programs at the IMG Academy, consulted a number of NFL, NBA and MLS teams during his stint with STATSports Technologies and has been an integral part of Jimbo Fisher’s staff first at Florida State (football) and now at Texas A&M. leading their sports science testing, research and implementation.

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