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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Kevin Pauga

Assistant Athletic Director | Michigan State University

Using Analytics in Intercollegiate Athletics

How is big data used in intercollegiate athletics today? Analytics are used to varying degrees by teams on the field or court, as well as those behind the scenes as it relates to marketing, budgeting and scheduling events. Attendees will learn how coaching staffs use data, how schedules are built and optimized, and how college administrators and business staff utilize information.

Kevin Pauga is assistant athletic director for administration at Michigan State University, and also founder of KPI Sports. As part of his duties at MSU, he is responsible for long-term budgeting, charter and travel coordination, postseason planning, and is engaged in scheduling and special projects assigned by the athletics director. Pauga created the KPI ranking system, a method by which team resumes are ranked and compared on a game-by-game basis.

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