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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Kathryn Yates 

Director of Analytics | Boston University Men's Ice Hockey

Challenges and Frontiers in Adopting Analytics

in NCAA Ice Hockey

While NHL teams have had a relatively streamlined adoption of analytics into their team strategy and structure, most NCAA teams have yet to make this jump. Major technological, regulatory and cultural differences exist between the professional and collegiate levels, presenting unique challenges to NCAA teams looking to incorporate analytics into their programs. Attendees will learn to identify ways in which these differences can be overcome and discuss the path to widespread adoption of hockey analytics at the collegiate and amateur levels.

This fall, Kathryn Yates will enter her third full season working with the Boston University men's ice hockey team in an analytics capacity. A graduate of Brown University and Boston University with degrees in physiology and mechanical engineering, she works with the Terriers' coaching staff to evaluate player performance using advanced statistics.

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