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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Jordan Stiefel, Philip Rhodes, Anne C. Marx

Loras College

Basketball Analytics: An Opportunity for College Internships

Sports analytics has gained popularity in part to the success of the film Moneyball, a motion picture depicting the attempt of a Major League Baseball general manager to reinvent his ballclub by outmaneuvering wealthier teams. In addition to professional sport, college sports have implemented analytics into their programs.  Higher education institutions that offer degree programs in business analytics have a unique opportunity to offer athletic programs and students.  The purpose of this study was to examine the mutually beneficial experience of a business analytic student's internship with a college basketball program. A business analytics student interned with a men's basketball team during the 2016-2017 season. Data was analyzed to better predict the success of a team.  Ultimately, analytics was used to help determine player lineups, game-play strategy, and overall efficiency. Best practices for athletic administers to implement sport analytic internships into their programs are based on the philosophy of higher education to create lifelong learners.

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