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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Jonathan Judge

Partner | Schiff Hardin LLP

Multilevel-Modeling in Baseball:

Deserved Run Average and Other Applications

Multilevel modeling is an important tool for the arsenal of anyone seeking to analyze statistics in sports. This presentation will explain, at a basic level, why multilevel modeling is important, and provide some guidance on multilevel programming in the R computing environment using baseball data.

Jonathan Judge is a partner at Schiff Hardin LLP where he defends companies in product liability actions from Consumer Product Safety Commission investigations. In his spare time, Jonathan is the Lead Statistics Developer at Baseball Prospectus, where he has participated in the creation of the organization's catcher framing model, Deserved Run Average, base-stealing statistics, and passed ball/wild pitching calculations. Jonathan also uses statistics to analyze data-driven legal problems, such as CPSC/insurance industry fines, and autonomous vehicles.

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