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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Joe Tofferi

Owner/Movement Professional | Train 4 Your Best

Data Analytics for Sports Performance and Injury Prevention

The evolution of technology, tracking, and human body performance research has made it possible for trainers, coaches, and practitioners to use data to improve their results. This presentation will discuss the Hows, Whats, and Whys of data analytics for sports performance and injury prevention.    

Joe Tofferi is the founder of Train 4 Your Best. Tofferi is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and a fellow of applied functional science.  He spent more than 13 Years as a Division 1 strength and conditioning coach and spent some time also working in the NBA. For more than 15 years, Tofferi has had the opportunity to train thousands of professional, college, and high school athletes as well as help those who may have a different goal. 

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