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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Jared Hottle

Offensive Coordinator/Instructor | Dakota State University

Using Hidden Yardage As a Predictor of Success and

Productivity for Special Teams in American Football

Football games can be won or lost on special teams. No other football plays have more ground to cover, more yardage gained or lost, and more unpredictability. Using net field positions I attempt to quantify some of the yardages that are not captured through conventional statistics and attempt to show how important these 'hidden yards' are to a team's success. Additionally, once quantifiable, these yards can be used as a metric for comparison between teams. Participants will be able to identify methods to measure productivity in all four special teams units, identify and explain the measuring system used on a per-special team basis, and compare productivity between teams.

Jared Hottle is the offensive coordinator at Dakota State University. He graduated with an economics degree from Central College and a master's degree in educational technology from Dakota State. He has done analytical research to enhance his on-field, practice and recruiting processes.

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