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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Holly Roof

PhD | University of Denver

Implicit Bias in Dressage Judging? The Male Advantage

The equestrian sport of dressage is the only judged Olympic sport in which male and female athletes compete head to head. Multiple regression analysis shows that the mean score for males is predicted to be between 1.52 and 1.25 percentage points higher than for females even though female participation far outpaces male participation. Implicit bias -- societally inculcated gender bias and expectation bias -- frames these results. Attendees will be introduced to the equestrian sport of dressage, learn to use multiple regression to predict competition scores, and learn about implicit bias as a possible explanation for score differentials.

Holly Roof is an award-winning researcher, inspiring lecturer, and data visualization expert. An analytics consultant and adjunct in the Department of Business Information and Analytics at the University of Denver, she wields a PhD in research methods and statistics combined with master's degrees in business and education to slice through a wide range of research topics and variety of data. Using empirically-supported data visualization she crafts memorable presentations and crystal-clear visualizations that are accessible to all audiences. And she rides horses!

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