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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Gianni Pischedda

Soccerlogic Ltd.

Tools for Exploratory Analysis of Soccer Data

The growth of sports analytics is being held back by a lack of appropriate software tools. Analytics tools used in business analytics for years could fill this role, but they are being ignored by the sports analytics community. Drawing from his business analytics experience, Gianni will introduce two tools he has used, demonstrating them with an analysis of soccer data.

Gianni Pischedda is the CEO of Soccerlogic, a London-based company founded in 2003 to promote soccer analytics to clubs in England and across Europe, and author of the Soccerlogic blog. He has worked in information technology for more than 40 years and as a data analyst (business intelligence and data mining) for the past 20 years. His interest in soccer analytics began with an intuition that his analysis aimed at making business more competitive could also improve a sports team's performance. Gianni strongly disagrees with the widespread conviction that Billy Beane "invented" sports analytics, and claims this distinction should go to Inderpal Bandari and his IBM team for their Advanced Scout system.

*Presentation will be delivered remotely

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