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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Ethan Young

Head of Strategic Intel | OaSIS

Slaytics: Optimizing Measurables in the NFL Draft

NFL scouts and number crunchers alike know the 40-yard dash and other individual athletic drills have no meaningful correlation to on-field success, but that doesn't mean physical measurables can't have impactful insights in the NFL Draft process. By using SPARQ-influenced athleticism and advanced size/length composite formulas, we can create macro measurable profiles that better encapsulate players' physical trait sets and run machine learning-inspired thresholds over these profiles to determine which prospects have the highest and lowest chances of NFL success based on what 17 years of historical precedent dictates is important at each position. Slaytics is not a big board, but by using the results as eliminators and enhancers to our draft board on the Lower Bound and Upper Bound sides respectively, we can minimize risk, maximize upside and increase our hit rate in the NFL draft. This presentation will highlight the lack of application with raw drill results; introduce a macro approach to looking at measurable data through SPARQ (athleticism), tFREAK (size/length) and SLA (size, length, athleticism) composite formulas; and attempt to change the stigma behind the use of measurables in NFL talent evaluation.

Ethan Young is the founder and acting head of strategic intel of Objective and Subjective Intrinsic Solutions (OaSIS), a player personnel research company that has provided data to two NFL teams and various media outlets. He also won the NFL Network's first-ever Scouting Competition, and provides pro and college football scouting services to Bleacher Report, FanRag Sports and Inside the Pylon.

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