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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Erik Haslam

Haslametics: A Unique Approach to College Basketball Analysis

The goal of is to provide unique statistical insight and to offer predictive analysis based on teams' prior performances in a given season. The methodology focuses on the bare necessities, specifically how often teams shoot, how close to the basket each shot is, how well teams shoot from different locations on the floor, and how often steals and offensive rebounds affect shot selection and success. Attendees will understand the reasoning and value behind using play-by-play data rather than box score data, and using only meaningful game minutes in calculations (i.e. disregarding game data when a contest is deemed mathematically "over").

Erik Haslam is a full-time electrical engineer and a self-taught, part-time disciple of college basketball analytics. He is the proprietor of, an analytics website designed to offer team evaluation and predictive analysis for Division I college basketball. He also serves as an analytics consultant by contract for Division I coaching staffs.

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