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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Edward Egros

Weekend Sports Anchor/Sports Reporter | KDFW Fox 4 News (Dallas)

Sports Analytics in Television Journalism

As sports analytics become more commonplace in other industries, there seems to be a hesitation using these tools in television journalism. Sportscaster Edward Egros, a data scientist in his own right, shows the techniques he uses to incorporate these quantitative tools while still fulfilling the requirements of storytelling and reporting. Attendees will learn how to make sports analytics more conversational and easier to understand for the general public, how data visualizations can help highlight certain concepts and features within a story, and how to use other media aside from television to know when to introduce more complex ideas. 

Edward Egros is the weekend sports anchor at Fox 4 in Dallas. He has spent more than a decade in television with other stops in El Paso, Kentucky and Alabama. He is also the webmaster for

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