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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Daniel Coughlin

Telemetry Engineer/Managing Partner | BioCam, LLC

Tracking Ice Hockey and Basketball Players'

Workload and Motion Metrics in Arenas

In this presentation Dan will cover the challenges, problems and next generation solutions for hockey and basketball players' workload and motion metrics in arenas. He will provide an overview of current sports metrics systems from athletes', teams' and coaches' perspectives. Attendees will learn about real-time motion tracking systems, combining biometrics and video-centric reporting platforms, and how to use those metrics to their best advantage.

Daniel Coughlin has more than three decades of television sports technology and production experience. This includes work on more than 1,400 broadcasts of NFL, Olympic sports, NASCAR, Indy Car racing, NHRA, plus a variety of other professional sports productions. Dan is called upon from time to time to speak both in the U.S. and internationally to professional audiences on the subject of real-time data acquisition of sports and performance measurements from competitors and the artifacts of competition.

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