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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Corley Bagley

Data Scientist | Hudl

Bump, Set, Spike: Using Analytics to Rate Volleyball Teams and Players

This talk will outline and quantify methods to objectively rate six fundamental skills in volleyball:  serve, reception, set, attack, block, and dig. While these skills are currently rated in competitive volleyball, there is no method in place that will consistently and objectively rate players and teams. With the ability to consistently grade these fundamentals across a large amount of data, it becomes possible to accurately predict matchups and determine player and team success. Attendees will learn to identify critical fundamental skills in competitive volleyball, develop methodologies to rate fundamentals, and identify areas of application.

Corley Bagley graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in statistical science. After school, he began working for VolleyMetrics as the director of analytics. After a couple years of immersive startup experience, VolleyMetrics was acquired by Hudl. Corley now works as a data scientist for Hudl on the Advanced Analytics team in the research and development department. Corley has a wife and two young sons.

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