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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Cole Schuessler

Concordia University, St. Paul

Correlations Between Major League Baseball Spring Training

and Regular Season Team Performance

Minimal research regarding Major League Baseball spring training statistics has made it difficult to determine their relevance for predicting team performance during the regular season. This study examined the association between MLB spring training and regular season performance measures to determine if spring training statistics could be used to predict regular season winning percentage using offensive, defensive, and pitching statistics from the 2013-2017 seasons. A multiple linear regression model was statistically significant and explained 11% of the variance in regular season winning percentage, and a small number of statistics tested also showed moderate or large Pearson r correlations between spring training and regular season measures.

Cole Schuessler is a graduate student in Concordia University, St. Paul's sport management master's program. He current works as a graduate assistant in the university's sports information department and as a baseball operations intern for Inside Edge, a data and analytics company best known for providing reports to MLB teams. He is pursuing a career in sports analytics, with baseball, basketball, and football being his sports of preference.

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