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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Bob Teofilo

Manager of Hockey Products and Services |

Synergy Sports Technology

Changing the Game with Data:

Building a Culture of Analytics and Innovation

From next generation sponsorship evaluation models to state of the art computer vision techniques applied to player mechanics, data is changing the game across the sports industry. While many organizations increasingly see innovation through data as a business imperative, they often struggle with creating the right capacity to support their data-driven business evolution. A creative culture does not typically emerge by chance. It's engineered. It's practiced. It's disciplined. Learn how today's most forward-leaning sports teams and organizations are strategically building a culture of analytics and innovation and achieving competitive advantage on and off the field of play through a creative combination of analytics, technology, and domain expertise. 

Bob Teofilo is the manager of hockey products and services at Synergy Sports Technology. With Synergy, Bob is facilitating the development and design of the hockey video and analytics software for team use around the world. Prior to joining Synergy, he spent eight years with the Arizona (formerly Phoenix) Coyotes in their Hockey Operations department, working as director of hockey operations and hockey analytics. Bob graduated from Saint Louis University with a bachelor's degree in finance.

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