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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Ben Hansen

Chief Technology Officer | Motus Global Inc.

Optimizing Pitcher Readiness with

Machine Learning and Wearable Technology

As wearable technologies continue to mature, their adoption has reached significant integration within elite sports performance programs. Since its MLB in-game approval in 2015, Motus has captured millions of throws from MLB & MiLB pitchers with the motusTHROW smart compression sleeve. This presentation will explore emerging techniques used to prescribe daily training volumes to help pitchers avoid injury pre-season, optimize arm health in-season, and safely return-to-play during rehabilitation. 

Ben Hansen is a biomechanics and wearable technology executive specializing in movement analysis using emerging hardware technologies. He has previous experience as a biomechanics engineer for the Milwaukee Brewers, and was a collegiate baseball pitcher at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. During his Ph.D. in biomedical engineering at Marquette University, he worked on a dissertation to model in-vivo forces of the UCL in pitchers, before departing to join Motus Global. At Motus, he leads the technology development, product innovation, and R&D of machine learning workload algorithms to optimize human performance.

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