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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Alan Reifman

Professor, Department of Human Development and Family Studies |

Texas Tech University

Hot Hand Research in Its Fourth Decade

The speaker will first review the history of hot hand research, going back to the 1985 study of streak-shooting in the Philadelphia 76ers. Refinements to this research over many years (e.g, taking into account that a successful basketball shooter may attract more aggressive defense, thus dampening the likelihood of a hot streak) will then be discussed. Finally, the current state of the evidence, in multiple sports, on whether athletes demonstrate sustainable streakiness will be considered. Participants will be able to conduct rudimentary hot hand analyses and entertain ideas for future hot hand research.

Alan Reifman, PhD, is a professor of human development and family studies at Texas Tech University, where he also teaches statistics courses. He received his PhD in social psychology from the University of Michigan in 1989. He has operated the website "Hot Hand in Sports" since 2002 and, in 2011, published the book "Hot Hand: The Statistics Behind Sports' Greatest Streaks."

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