Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Adam Vogel

Athletic Performance Training Coordinator |

Bradley-Bourbonnais (Ill.) Community High School

Sports Analytics at the High School Level

Some people believe sports science is only for professional and elite-level teams and athletes. But teams and athletes at any level can benefit from implementing and appying analytics. Even teams with small staffs and limited budgets can effectively use sports science while keeping data simple. This talk will explain how one high school athletic program uses analytics to answer questions and generates ownership among athletes

Adam Vogel is the strength coach for Bradley-Bourbonnais (Ill.) Community High School, which has an enrollment of about 2,100 students. Adam oversees all 24 sports from a performance-training standpoint. BBCHS employes velocity-based training using Weight Up Solutions with all its varisty athletes. Also an assistant coach with the Boilermakers football team, Adam uses Catapult GPS monitoring with a number of the school's teams.

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