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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Adam Grossman

Founder/CEO | Block Six Analytics

The Impact of Star Power in Determining Player Value for Sports Teams

Determining an athlete's value to a team is one of the most critical challenges facing any organization. One of the problems with traditional analysis used to answer this question is it only looks at a player's on-field performance. This represents only a portion of his or her total value. Fans, media, and sponsors want to see and engage with star athletes more than other team members. Star power plays a critical role in driving ticket sales, television ratings, social media engagement, partnership agreements, and merchandise purchases. Block Six Analytics' Revenue Above Replacement (RAR) Model evaluates the impact of an individual player on these revenue streams. By examining on-court metrics with off-court impact on social media, merchandise sales, endorsement deals, and earned media, we are able to determine the holistic value a player creates for his or her team.

Adam Grossman is the CEO and founder of the sports sponsorship technology and analytics firm Block Six Analytics, whose clients include the Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia 76ers, Pepsi, Gatorade, and Comcast SportsNet. In addition, he is a lecturer for Northwestern University’s Masters of Sports Administration where he has developed two classes and teaches classes focused on developing and communicating strategic insights through data. Adam is also the co-author of The Sports Strategist: Developing Leaders For A High-Performance Industry, the featured book at the 2015 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. He has written for Forbes, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, and Comcast SportsNet Chicago and has been featured as industry expert on CNN, Marketplace, SB Nation Radio, and ThePostGame.

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