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Great Lakes Analytics Conference

Ron Righter

Senior Industry Consultant, Higher Education Athletics Analytics | SAS

Rebooting College and High School Basketball Coaching Strategies

The game of basketball continues to change at a rapid pace. With the rise of data collection and analytics, new methods of individual skill development, scouting, recruiting, practice planning and game strategy stand to change. How will the windfall of new information help the basketball coach make better decisions, and build and maintain a successful program.

Ron Righter has been a successful college basketball coach for more than three decades. He has seen first hand the bright lights of the Big Ten, Pac 12, the venues of Division II and III, and the NCAA basketball tournament as both a player and a coach. Ron has coached more than 500 players from diverse backgrounds, and through his camps and clinics, he has spoken to thousands of young people and parents about qualities such as: character, leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship.

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