College of Letters and Science Testimonial

Jeffrey McKee

"I never could have imagined myself wandering through the halls of Parliament in one of the oldest and most historic capitals of Europe, but that's where I found myself, thanks in part to the UWSP Political Science department as well as International Programs. During my time interning in Parliament with the Rt. Hon. Jonathan Djanogly MP, Under-Secretary of State for Justice, I had the opportunity to see the vastly different political experience than what we are familiar to here in the United States.

In my capacities as Jonathan's personal assistant, I utilized the skills that I've developed in the areas of research and put my political abilities to the test in many discussions that I had with Jonathan on anything from the best way to run health care and education all the way to talking about the differences that our two nations have had and trying to engage in an intercultural dialogue. My main duties consisted of receiving and maintaining correspondences between Jonathan and his constituents, fellow Government ministers, as well as MP's from every party and position. It was a challenging role that allowed me to put into practice that which I have been training for years to do.

Beyond my office duties, Jonathan sent me to attend events in his lieu. Events such as a talk from Bill and Melinda Gates on the impact of "smart philanthropy", talks at the London School of Economics by the German Ambassador as well as Amartya Sen, an expert in the field of third world politics and development as well as attending a seminar given by the head of UN Watch. In all of these experiences, I found myself almost in a dream state as I tried to comprehend how a 21 year old college student from dinky Stevens Point, WI could end up working in one of the most recognized Houses of Parliament of all time. My only question is, how could I possibly move up from this?"