College of Letters and Science Testimonial

Domenta Wiegand

Assistant Professor of English, Iowa State University

Domenta Wiegand
"My professors were some of the most patient encouraging people I . . . ever met. They spent so many hours with me. Not only were they nurturing, but they also taught me about scholastic discipline. They were as sweet as could be and as tough as I needed. I went to them with every kind of question. They helped me understand the basics of university level research, encouraged my creative and academic writing, encouraged me to take leadership roles and even helped me prepare for job interviews. They were never too busy. Even when something was well out of the realm of their position, it never stopped them.

This is the way the English department works. The students' needs are always front and center and faculty and administration do everything possible for the greatest benefit of all.

I am sure that Stevens Point starts with the same sort of students as every school everywhere. But something remarkably special, transformative even, happens to students when they go there."