Other Programs

Regional and National Workshops:
Hands-on polymer chemistry demonstrations and experiment workshops are offered at national and regional meetings for chemistry educators. Also, see Other Outreach below.
Contact: Droske, John P.

National Chemistry Week and Other Outreach:
POLYED teacher outreach activities also focus on workshops for precollege teachers in conjunction with the Intersociety Polymer Education Council. Several POLYED award winning teachers now offer workshops for other teachers as IPEC Polymer Ambassadors. The POLYED subcommittee on National Chemistry Week works with ACS's National Chemistry Week Office to develop materials that illustrate the importance and contributions of chemistry to society. Recent efforts have been aimed at elementary school students and their parents.
Contact: Ann Salamone

Course Development Information:
Model syllabi are available to assist faculty interested in developing courses and / or options in polymer chemistry. Copies are available from the POLYED Center. Send an email to jdroske@uwsp.edu to request a copy.
Polymer Education Surveys:
Information about colleges and universities that offer courses or programs in the polymer area has been compiled and articles about this appear periodically in the Preprints of the ACS National Meeting Program for the Division of Polymeric Materials: Science & Engineering. These provide statistical information about the number of colleges and universities with coursework in the polymer area and the names of the institutions.
Contact: Rudy Deanin
For additional information: email POLYED Center

For Industry/Government Professionals

Short Course Directory:
A listing of short courses and organizations / contact persons that offer them is available.
Contact: Patricia Guyant
A listing of videotapes in polymer science has been compiled.
Contact: John Meister