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POLYED is the education committee of the ACS Divisions of Polymer Chemistry (POLY) and Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering (PMSE). The committee was formed in the early 1970s and has evolved into a dynamic organization that offers a wide variety of programs (see “PolyEd and IPEC: ACS and Intersociety Efforts to Promote Polymer Education in the U.S.” Carraher, C.E., Jr., Droske, J.P., J.  Macromolecular Science, Part C: Polymer Reviews 2008, 48, 585–595. )
POLYED seeks to nurture science education at all levels, with a special emphasis on programs that involve polymers or macromolecules. The committee is organized into four directorates, each targeting a different educational group: precollege teachers, college and university students, college and university faculty, and industrial and government professionals.
Most of POLYED's membership is drawn from two ACS divisions involved with polymer chemistry, PMSE and POLY. The wide variety and quality of programs offered by the division testifies to the dedication of its members, all of whom volunteer their time. Support for POLYED comes from the two divisions and their industrial sponsors. POLYED has working relationships and cooperates closely with other education-oriented groups, including the Intersociety Polymer Education Council, the ACS Education Office, the ACS Division of Chemical Education, the ACS Society Committee on Education, the ACS Committee on Professional Training, the National Science Teachers Association, and the education committees of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and the Society of Plastics Engineers.
POLYED offers many programs to assist faculty in incorporating polymer topics in the science curriculum and in stimulating student interest in the polymer field. POLYED also offers programs for industry and government professionals.
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