Award for Excellence in Polymer Education by High School and Middle School Teachers:
POLYED provides awards to high school and middle school science teachers for excellence in polymer education. The national award winner receives an expense-paid trip to a NSTA national meeting and will have opportunities at the meeting to interact with a Polymer Ambassador. The national winner also receives a $1000 cash award.
For award application:    POLYEDapplication.docAward application MS Word file        POLYEDapplication.pdfAward application pdf file   


Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Award:
An award for outstanding performance by an undergraduate chemistry major in the two-semester organic sequence is offered by POLYED. In 2013, ~110 institutions presented these awards. Recipients receive an award letter and certificate. Faculty should go here to nominate a student for this award. Contact John Droske at the POLYED Center if you have any questions.  NOTE: The ACS Division of Organic Chemistry has instituted a new award for graduating undergraduate students. Nominations for the Division of Organic Chemistry award may be made here.

Contact: John Droske
Faculty may nominate a student for the POLYED Award here.


Undergraduate Research Recognition Awards:
POLYED recognizes outstanding undergraduate research through awards for top papers that are presented by undergraduates at the national ACS meetings.

Contact: Bob Howell
For additional information: email POLYED Center


The Award for Outstanding Graduate Research in Polymer Chemistry:
The Award is given to a graduate student for an outstanding thesis. A listing of all awardees from 1991-2014 may be found here.

Contact: Eric Amis 


The Eastman Chemical Student Award in Applied Polymer Science:
The Award is given to a graduate student for an outstanding presentation at the Graduate Student Award Symposium in Applied Polymer Science, part of the PMSE program at each ACS fall national meeting.

Contact: John Gilmer   
For additional information: email POLYED Center


Curriculum Development Awards:
Curriculum development awards of $10,000 and $2500 are available from POLYED to improve the teaching of polymer science. Grants are made for the development of curricular materials or to assist institutions in offering courses in polymer chemistry.
Contact: John Droske
For additional information: email POLYED Center