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POLYED is a consortium of groups interested in science education in general and polymer education in particular. (For a recent review of PolyEd activities, see “PolyEd and IPEC: ACS and Intersociety Efforts to Promote Polymer Education in the U.S.” Carraher, C.E., Jr., Droske, J.P., J. Macromolecular Science, Part C: Polymer Reviews 2008, 48, 585–595.)
Membership is derived from the American Chemical Society Divisions of Polymer Chemistry (POLY) and Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering (PMSE).
Major support is derived from these divisions and approximately fifty industrial sponsors. The major purpose of POLYED is the nurturing of education at all levels, from kindergarten through post-graduate.
POLYED has working relationships with many education oriented technical groups, including the American Chemical Society and the Society Committee on Education, the InterSociety Polymer Education Council (IPEC), the ACS Division of Chemical Education, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the Society of Plastics Engineers, the ACS Rubber Division, and the National Science Teachers Association.
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