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The Walleye Initiative Project 

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Walleye continue to be Wisconsin's most sought after gamefish. Demand for walleye now exceeds what Wisconsin lakes can naturally produce. The fastest way to balance this demand is to stock more and larger walleyes into lakes that can support additional walleye populations. Although not all lakes may benefit, there are up to 500 lakes in Wisconsin whose walleye populations may be improved by enhanced stocking. The legislature has made funding available for use by state, tribal and private fish hatcheries to produce additiWalleye Fingerling net.jpgonal walleyes for this initiative.

Facility staff is working closely with Hayward Bait and Northside Enterpris
es on rearing walleye for their Wisconsin Walleye Initiative projects. By providing technical assistance and fish we are working cooperatively to make these projects a success. Our facility also has provided assistance to several other WI fish farmers who are involved in this initiative. This fall we provided over 10,000 extended walleye fingerlings to a private farmer and 1,500 fingerlings to the Red Cliff Tribal Fish Hatchery. We also provided approximately 2,000 intensively reared walleyes to the GENOA National Fish Hatchery for mussel research.

Read our WI Walleye Initiative Project Report for 2014...

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