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Depth Selection in Lake Trout Morphotypes

Lake Trout Tracker Satellite Transmitter .jpg

Working collaboratively with Dr. Rick Goetz of NOAA (previously with UW-Milwaukee) and Shawn Sitar (MI DNR) to  understand more about the various strains of lake trout, the UWSP-NADF technical staff is now home to a captive broodstock of large lake trout that are over 10 years old. 

Some of the broodstock were recently tagged with satellite transmitters and released into Lake Superior to track their movements. Picture above, taken at the facility, shows the transmitter attached.  

The broodstock were successfully spawned and multiple crosses of the various strains were collected. These offspring at UWSP-NADF will be utilized to help answer some of the genetic and physiological questions regarding this native species of the Great Lakes. Learn more about this project involving the F2 progeny HERE...

Find some of the published work on this project in the:

Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

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