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Equipment and Supplies

At the UW-Stevens Point Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility, we are always testing new equipment and technology based on its efficiency and quality. This page provides a list of the facility's providers for various equipment and commercial feeds along with any contact information. 


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Temperature Control

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Equipment and Supplies

Mino Saver Fish Graders with Interchangable Baskets



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CO2 Stripper/Aeration Column

Contact Matt Smith:


Equipment and Supplies

       Dip Nets, Scales, Belt Feeders...



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High Tunnel Buildings  




Pond Equipment, Secchi Disk, Gravel Sifter




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Fiberglass 4' Tanks with Fry Insert


Water Quality Equipment


Tank Manufacturer

Contact Chris Mills:



Drum Filter Manufacturer for Recirculation Systems

Industrial Netting

Screen Inserts for Intensive Larval Rearing Tanks


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Larval Walleye Counter




Aeration for Pond Culture

Contact Bob Robinson:

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Vertical or Heath Tray Incubation Systems



Bell Jar Incubation Systems


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Aquaponics Demonstration, Aeration, Pumps...

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Equipment and Supplies

Hayward Valves, Signet Flow Meters & Pumps 



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Disinfectant, Biosecurity Equipment, Fish Treatments, Sedatives...




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Water Quality Monitoring and Control

Temperature, Oxygen, pH

YSI Application Note: UWSP NADF Sustainable Land-based Atlantic Salmon Production





Commercial Feed Providers:


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biomar_short_4c_neg.jpg                                Bio Oregon.jpgOtohime2.jpg

































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