Ask a Scientist

Contact the Anthropology / Archaeology Curator: Ray Reser.

The Museum offers an ‘Artifact and Specimen Identification Day’ each year. We encourage our visitors and patrons to bring in archaeological artifacts, paleontological specimens and more for identification. You can also contact our Director or curators if you have a natural science-related question.

This spring (2016), the museum will be partnering with the Wisconsin Archaeological Society in hosting Native American mound tours and an artifact identification day at Portage County's Lake Emily Park, on Saturday, May 21st from 10:00am to 3:00pm.
Please join us to learn more about the prehistory of central Wisconsin, and what the amazing artifacts left by our states’ earliest inhabitants can tell us about our regions past.
The Wisconsin Archaeological Society is an avocation group supporting archaeology and historic preservation in Wisconsin since 1916. The Wisconsin Archeological Society is a nonprofit organization run and staffed entirely by volunteers. For over 100 years the Society has advanced Wisconsin archaeology through publications, site preservation, public education, and archaeological research.

Please be aware; neither the UWSP Museum of Natural History, nor it’s Curators are allowed to provide a monetary valuation of specimens or artifacts. All objects and specimens are identified by Curators at their personal discretion, and as time in their teaching and research schedules allows.