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The Professional Aquaponics Certificate



Aquaponic Certificate Program

The Aquaponic Certificate is awarded upon successful culmination of a series of courses that center on professional and scientific competence and proficiency in the field of aquaponics.  Valued by hobbyists, home food producers, farmer’s market growers, educators, social organizers and commercial producers, it substantiates your expertise in aquaponics to address a broad range of production and application issues.  Program participants will acquire abilities to scientifically understand the roles of water, bacteria, plants and fish in a sustainable, integrated, controlled environment, food production system.  


The aquaponics certificate is open to any student at an accredited college or university, life-long learners, and those seeking workforce training.  Some courses may be taken at other accredited universities with completed credits transferred to UWSP.

For more information contact the Department of Biology at (715) 346-2159 or email:

To declare the aquaponics certificate, complete the Application Form and submit it by mail or email to the Department of Biology (instructions on application form).


Requirements for Completion

CORE COURSES (14 – 15 credits)

· Biology 130. Introduction to Plant Biology. 5 cr.

· Biology 333. General Microbiology. 4 cr. OR Soil 484. Environmental Microbiology. 3 cr.

· Biology 384. Introduction to Aquaponics. 3 cr.

· Biology/Water 386. Aquaculture/Fish Culture. 3 cr



· Biology 337. Plant Pathology. 3 cr.

· Biology 338. Phycology. 4 cr.

· Biology 351. Plant Physiology. 4 cr.

· Biology 367. General Entomology. 4 cr.

· Biology 374. Ichthyology. 4 cr.

· Water/Waste/Paper Science 382. Water & Wastewater Treatment. 3 cr.

· Water 390. Water Chemistry & Analysis. 4 cr.

· Business 320. Principles of Management. 3 cr.

· Business 321. Entrepreneurship. 3 cr.

· Business 330. Principles of Marketing. 3 cr.

· Accounting 210. Introductory Financial Accounting. 3 cr.


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