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Aquaponics Education

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point



Credit Courses

Two college courses are available that cover basic or advanced concepts in biological system designs, production techniques, and methods for the integrated science of aquaponics.  The courses teach foundational and applied knowledge of aquaponics food production, water chemistry, crop selection, good agriculture and best management practices, and economics & marketing.

Basic foundational concepts of aquaponics.  Online lectures (January 22-May 11) with weekly online discussion sessions. biological system designs, production techniques and methods for the integrated science of aquaponics; the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics. Foundational knowledge of aquaponic food production, fish culture, crop selection, good agriculture & best management practices and economics & marketing. A reduced fee, non-credit option is available for those interested in the course but not needing college credit.


Biology 384/584.Techniques in Aquaponics. 1 credit. 


In-person lab sessions meet (May 21– May 23) at the UWSP Aquaponics Innovation Center, Nelson & Pade, Inc. campus, Montello, WI.Introduction to the biology, chemistry, engineering, economics, controlled environment agriculture and food production of aquaponics through active on-site experiences. An important lab complement to the online lecture course (Biology 380/580).



Additional registration questions, general or course-related questions, contact Dr. Chris Hartleb (, (715) 346-3228.

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