WI Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies


The Dick Ringler Distinguished Peace Educator Award

The award recognizes someone who has made a notable contribution to teaching or studying one or more of the subjects identified in the Institute’s mission statement (“the roots of conflict at all levels of human experience; national and global security issues; global cooperation, human rights, and international law; environmental responsibility and global sustainability; methods of and context for conflict resolution and reconciliation; and factors necessary for peace, on an interpersonal level as well as on a global scale.”). The award is a certificate. Nominations are accepted only from Executive Council members. The nomination should consist of a letter from the nominator, explaining the grounds for the nomination, and a copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae, if possible. Please send the letter and vitae to the WIPCS office by October 1. Current voting members of the Executive Council are not eligible for nomination.
Recipients include:
  • William Skelton, 2015-2016
  • Marty Farrell, 2014-2015
  • Rose Daitsman, 2013-2014
  • Penny Seymoure, 2012-2013
  • Joe W. Hatcher, Jr., 2011-2012
  • Terrence J. Rynne, 2010-2011
  • Sr. Sally Ann Brickner 2009-2010
  • Bob Enright 2008-2009
  • Rob Ricigliano 2007-2008
  • Kent Shifferd 2006-2007
  • Dan Di Domizio 2005-2006
  • Nancy Burrell 2004-2005
  • Guy Wolf 2003-2004
  • Michael Duffey 2001-2002
  • Abbas Hamdani 2000-2001
  • Agate Nesaule 1998-1999
  • Charles Rumsey 1997-1998
  • Dan Maguire 1996-1997
  • Joe Elder 1994-1995
  • Edward Tabor Linenthal 1993-1994
  • Deborah Buffton 1992-1993
  • Paul Boyer 1991-1992
  • Ian Harris 1990-1991

The Student Scholar and the Student Activist Awards

The Student Scholar Award recognizes outstanding scholarship in peace and conflict studies and above-average academic performance. The Student Activist Award recognizes an outstanding contribution to activism related to peace and justice issues by a student or student group, and demonstrated commitment to peace and justice issues through participation in activism either on the home campus or in the larger community. These awards are certificates presented each spring to Wisconsin college or university students, traditionally at the WIPCS student conference. 
Any faculty member from a member institution can nominate a student or group for these awards.
Nominations are due December 15.
Guidelines for nomination are here:  WIPCS Student Awards Call for Nominations.pdfWIPCS Student Awards Call for Nominations.pdf 
Recipients include:
  • Rohini Singh, UW-Stout, 2016
  • Candice Block, Mount Mary University, 2014
  • Christine Sanderson, UW-Stevens Point, 2014
  • Lakesha Jones, Mount Mary College, 2012
  • Valerie Landowski, UW-Stevens Point, 2012
  • Nicole Saleske, Marian University, 2012
  • Randa Meyer, UW-Stevens Point, 2012
  • Greg Hartman, UW-Stevens Point, 2011
  • Yasir Kuoti, UW-Stevens Point, 2011
  • Nicole Ries, UW-Stout, 2011
  • Lila Saavedra, Mount Mary College, 2011
  • Natasha Smet, Mount Mary College, 2011
  • Michael Wilson, UW-Stevens Point, 2011
  • Cina Chang, Cardinal Stritch University, 2010
  • Haley Madson, Ripon College, 2009
  • Ronald Kabaale, Cardinal Stritch University, 2009
  • Kimberly Meyer, Cardinal Stritch University, 2009
  • Todd Dennis, Edgewood College and UW-Madison, 2008
  • David Foley, Marquette University, 2006
  • Kyle Bowman, Cardinal Stritch University, 2005
  • April D'Andrea, St. Norbert College, 2005
  • Christian Petrauskis, Marquette University, 2004
  • Lars Gloessner, Cardinal Stritch University, 2004
  • Sara Bodenberg, Edgewood College, 2003
  • Sarah Leiser, Edgewood College, 2003
  • Joyana Jacoby, Marquette University, 2003
  • Ryan O'Leary, UW-Stevens Point, 2002
  • Michelle Hays, UW-Milwaukee, 2000
  • Leah Strobel, UW-Milwaukee, 1999
  • James Hanke, UW-Eau Claire, 1999
  • Stephanie Mesheski, UW-Milwaukee, 1997
  • Brooke Soles, UW-Platteville, 1996
  • John Graf, Northland College, 1995
  • Deborah Sniede, UW-Milwaukee, 1994
  • Dwayne Voegeli, George Washington University, 1993
  • Christine Schlegel, St. Norbert College, 1992
  • Lisa Graves, UW-La Crosse, 1991