UWSP Campus Sustainable Transportation Costs Study

Project Abstract

DOT- Bike with Cars

The UWSP Sustainable Commute Project is working to estimate UWSP commuting patterns, costs, and emissions while raising awareness and identifying opportunities for change.  Universities represent highly concentrated commuting communities and off-campus fossil fuel consumption by commuters often exceeds that of the institution.  For example, in 2010 there were 5200 students living off campus with an average commute distance of 6.7 miles.  Together we travel over 35,000 miles getting to campus and another 35,000 going home!  In some cases cars account for more than 50% of campus commute miles although there are instances where car use is just nearly 20%.  We don’t know how many miles we commute to campus by car, bike, bus, or on foot and green-house gas emissions. The project’s mission is to answer these questions and prospects for future change. Read more about the project at the homepage here​.

Principal Investigators

Gene Martin, Principle investigator and research director

Keith Rice, Co-principle director

Doug Miskowiak, Co-principle director 

Student Investigators

Tyler Winkelman, Intern

Mitch Isaacson, Intern

Sam Bolgert, Web Developer

Tom Wilz, Graphic & Web Designer

Logan Seipel, Data technician

Sam Schroeder, Data technician

Omar Muhyar, Data technician

Sarah Hagedon, Community Outreach 

Project Report

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Project Maps

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