Christine Koeller

GIS Faculty Associate 

I am currently the GIS Faculty Associate with the GIS Center at UW-Stevens Point.  My primary responsibilities are teaching GIS courses and labs, curriculum development, community outreach, assisting with student development, and completing GIS-related research projects and production projects.  My primary GIS research interests are the development and evaluation of in-lake habitat and bathymetry mapping techniques.  Current GIS projects include the following:  

  1. Schmeeckle Reserve interactive mobile map
  2. Cooperation with UWSP Computing and New Media Technologies department to launch a mobile application for several Wisconsin waterbodies including the Stevens Point flowage and Lake Wausau.  The app is now available on Google Play for Android devices, click here​! 
  3. Develop a statewide aquaculture site suitability model under the advisement of Chris Hartleb and UW-Sea Grant Institute.​


Click Here​ to view my online, digital portfolio pages and learn more about my work and experiences.  

Click Here​ to view my Lake Wausau bathymetry mapping story!

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