Christine Koeller, GISP

Assistant Faculty Associate (GIS)

I am currently the Assistant Faculty Associate of GIS with the GIS Center at UW-Stevens Point. My primary responsibilities are teaching introductory and advanced-level GIS courses, developing course content, and completing GIS research and projects. I teach courses including Fundamentals of GIS, GIS I, Mobile GIS Techniques, and Location Analytics. Current and recent GIS projects and research include the following: 

  1. Tax Revenue and Suburban Sprawl Analysis in Stevens Point, WI
  2. Beaver Lake Bathymetric Map
  3. Mapping Change Over Time in the Legend Lake System - Menominee County, WI
  4. Stevens Point Bicycle Routes by Comfort Level Map
  5. Legend Lake Bathymetric Map
  6. Standing Rocks Cross-Country Ski Trails Map 
  7. Green Circle Trail Interactive Web Map
  8. Schmeeckle Reserve Interactive Web Map
  9. Wisconsin Waterways Mobile Application for Android The app is now available on Google Play for Android devices, click here​! 
  10. Wisconsin Aquaculture Site Suitability Analysis with GIS
    1. Pond Aquaculture Suitability Map
    2. Raceway Aquaculture Suitability Map
  11. Stevens Point Flowage Mapping Project
  12. Lake Wausau Bathymetric Map


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Click Here​ to view my Lake Wausau bathymetry mapping story!

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