Music 320/520 - 19th Century Music

Course Outline (Timeline approximate; additional reserve readings may be assigned.)

WeekTopicReading in Plantinga
1Review Classicism; Introduction to Romanticism; Early Beethoven case studies:
Pathétique Sonata and Symphony No. 5
Ch 1 (skim)
Ch 2
2 Late Beethoven case study: Symphony No. 9
Contemporaries of Beethoven               
Schubert Lieder, Song Cycles
Ch 3
pp. 79-82, 91-103
Ch 5
3Schubert's Piano, Chamber and Orchestral Musicpp. 103-106, 82-91
4Mendelssohn Piano and Orchestral works, Oratorios
Fanny Hensel
pp. 247-254
5Robert Schumann Background, Piano Works
Lieder, Orchestral Works
Clara Wieck Schumann
pp. 220-246

6Opera review; 19th Century Italian opera
Rossini, Bellini and Donizetti
pp. 127-143

7Verdi to La Traviata
French opera; Gounod, Meyerbeer
pp. 166-173
pp. 190-203
pp. 203-219
pp. 173-189
Ch 9
Russians: Glinka and the Mighty Handful
pp. 341-343; 362-383
12Russians: Glinka and the Mighty Handful
13Russians: Tchaikovsky
Bohemian Nationalism: Smetana and Dvorak
pp. 384-389

14Scandinavian Nationalism
pp. 389-397
pp. 411-440
15Brahms, Opera after 1850
Ch 10