Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships and Awards are given out various times during the year depending on the Department or Division. More information can be found here, below or by visiting the department office.

Presidential Purple and Gold Scholarships

The Presidential Purple and Gold award was established to recognize dedicated students for their commitment to academic excellence. Learn more here.

Other scholarships available through the university can be found here.

Melvin R. Laird  Exceptional Artist Award

This award annually recognizes and rewards an exceptional graduating UWSP student in performing or visual arts by providing a $5,000 investment in his or her potential to become a successful leading artist in his or her field. Established by the Hon. Melvin R. Laird and members of the Laird Endowment Advisory Board, the award serves as a continued commitment to the Laird Art Leadership program associated with Laird Leadership Day. The Hon. Melvin R. Laird was the former U.S. Secretary of Defense under President Nixon and Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District representative.

Visit here to see previous award winners. 

​College of Fine Arts and Communication Scholarships 

 Art & Design

Each fall students are invited to submit work to be included in the Edna Carlsten Art Gallery Student Juried Exhibition. Work and awards for this exhibition are selected by a guest juror.  Listed below are some of the awards available to students. (The awards vary from year to year.)

  • Best of Show Arts Bash Award
  • David Smith Award for Art Excellence
  • J. Pierson Photography Memorial Award
  • Okray Family Fund Award for the Visual Arts
  • Nancy J. Sanford Memorial
  • Richard C. Schneider Annual Ceramics Award
  • SCULPT Award for Excellence in 3D Work
  • SCULPT Award for Excellence in 3D Work
  • Wayne Halverson Art Award
  • Glass Sculpture Award
  • William J. Hanford Memorial
  • Herbert H. Sandmann Arts Scholarship
  • Excellence Award in Foundation Level Work (multiple awarded)

The department typically gives over $10,000 worth of scholarships during the spring semester of the school year. Listed below are some of the scholarships available to students. (The number of scholarships in each category vary from year to year.)

BFA - 2D Scholarships
Arts Bash Scholarship
Delta Dental of Wisconsin Art Scholarship
COFAC Dedication Scholarship
Festival of the Arts Scholarhship
Monoprint Scholarship

BFA - 3D Scholarships
Arts Bash Scholarship
Sentry Insurance Student Sculptor Scholarship
Pineries Bank Fine Arts Scholarship

BFA - Graphic Design Scholarships
Arts Bash Scholarship
Sentry Insurance Scholarship
Festival of the Arts Scholarship
Enda Charlsten Scholarship
Nancy Bahling Scholarship

BA - Art History Scholarships

Arts Bash Scholarship(s)

BA Studio Scholarships

Elizabeth Weber Rice Memorial Scholarship

Dan Favor Memorial Unconventional Art Scholarship

Leadership and Service Scholarship

International Programs Scholarship

BFA Review Scholarships

Arlen and Florence West Scholarship (rotates among departments within the college)

Festival of the Arts Scholarship (rotates among departments within the college.)


The Division of Communication awards over $12,000 annually to deserving UWSP students. Some of the scholarships typically awarded are highlighted below. Most of the awards are presented at our  Communication Awards Banquet, hosted each spring.
Each award has its own set of criteria, which might include a number of characteristics such as year in school, grade point average, financial need, emphasis area, or involvement in student organizations. Some are determined through faculty nominations; others require an application. For those requiring an application, any student who is eligible to apply for a particular award will be notified via e-mail of their eligibility and instructed how and when to submit the application.


  • Greater Milwaukee Foundation/Walter Jay and Clara Charlotte Damm Scholarship(s)


  • John Anderson Spirit of Community Award
  • Mike Beacom Scholarship
  • Leland Burroughs Scholarship
  • COFAC - Communication Dedication Scholarship
  • Albert Croft Scholarship
  • William C. Davidson Scholarship
  • Lee Sherman Dreyfus Scholarship Award(s)
  • Lee Sherman Dreyfus Memorial Speaking Award
  • Steven Heller Student Involvement Scholarship
  • Dan and Audrey Houlihan Journalism Scholarship
  • Hyun & Maria Kim Comm Scholarship
  • Larry Kokkeler Memorial Scholarship
  • Jonathan Little Scholarship
  • Greg Loescher Scholarship
  • Leslie Midkiff-DeBauche Scholarship
  • Susan Moriarity Memorial Scholarship
  • O'Donnell Family Scholarship
  • Paul Palombo Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Parkinson Scholarship
  • PRSSA scholarship
  • Dick Rogers Memorial Scholarship
  • James Schuh Broadcasting Scholarship(s)
  • Sentry Scholarship
  • Mark & Julie Smiley Scholarship
  • Stephen A Walther Memorial Scholarship
  • Friend of the Division
  • Alumna/us of the Year
  • Who's Who in Communication

Student Organization Awards

  • The Pointer Award
  • SPTV Award
  • WWSP-90FM Award
  • Friends of 90FM Scholarship Award
  • Adviosr's Leadership Award


Scholarships are available to incoming and continuing students depending upon the scholarship, and may require an audition. Most are awarded in the spring semester. To learn more about the specific criteria for a scholarship, contact the Music office located at 254 Noel Fine Arts Center. For more information you can also email or phone 715-346-3107.
  • James Arrowood Phi Mu Alpha Scholarship ($500)
  • Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra Guild/CWSO Guild/UWSP Quartet String Scholarship ($500 to $1,000)
  • College of Fine Arts & Communication (COFAC) Scholarship Fund (Amount varies)
  • Sue Colman Scholarships (Amount varies - several annual awards​​​)Eunice DeBaker Vocal Music Scholarships (Amount varies-several annual awards​)
  • Delta Omicron Music Scholarship ($100)
  • Festival of the Arts Scholarship ($500)
  • Kathleen Franceschi-Stoll Cello Scholarship (Amount varies)
  • Charles Glodoski Memorial Music Scholarship (Amount varies​​​)
  • Donald E. Greene Music Scholarships (Amount varies - several annual awards)
  • Jazz Clarinet Scholarship (Amount varies)
  • Music Department Scholarships (Amount varies-number of annual awards​​​)
  • Peet/Faust Music Dept. Scholarship ($250)
  • David J. Piotrowski Memorial Music Scholarship
    (Amount Varies​​)
  • John Radd Memorial Jazz Scholarships
    (Amount varies-several annual awards​)
  • Schierl Fine Arts/Jazz/Voice Scholarship ($250)
  • Bonnie Baldwin Sether Memorial Scholarship ($100​)
  • Keith Stein Memorial Clarinet Scholarship (Amount varies)
  • Carl Vetter Music Scholarship (four-$500-$1,000)
  • Dorothy E. Vetter Delta Omicron Scholarship ($100)
  • Robert Worth Jazz Percussion Scholarship (amount varies)
  • Worth Company Jazz Scholarship (Amount varies-several annual awards)
  • Soiree Musicale Scholarships (Amount varies​)
  • Edmund Bukolt Strings Scholarship (Amount varies)​​​​​​​
  • Arlen and Florence West Scholarship (rotates among departments within the college)

 Theatre & Dance

Thank you to all of the generous individuals and organizations that support the efforts of the next generation of theatre and dance artists. The contributions of alumni, community members, current and past faculty combine to give current students a helping hand.

  • Festival of the Arts Scholarship (rotates among departments within the college.)
  • Anne Gilfry Schierl Fine Arts Award in Dance
  • Anne Gilfry Schierl Fine Arts Award in Acting
  • Anne Gilfry Schierl Fine Arts Award in Drama
  • Anne Gilfry Schierl Fine Arts Award in Musical Theatre
  • Anne Gilfry Schierl Fine Arts Award in Design & Technology
  • Kathryn Bukolt Dance Scholarship
  • Bukolt Dance Awards (four annual awards)
  • Peet Faust Drama Scholarship
  • James Mueller Scholarship
  • Backstage Musical Theatre Scholarship
  • James Vorland Technical Theatre Scholarship
  • Crosby Scholarship in Technical Theatre
  • Prize in Student Directing, Stelmahoske Award
  • Dr. Arthur Hopper Outstanding Graduating Senior Award
  • First Nighters Scholarship
  • Robert Baruch Excellence in Theatre Award
  • James Moore Excellence in Dance Award
  • Theatre Arts Scholarships for new students in:
    Dance, Drama, Acting Design/Technology, and Musical Theatre
  • James and Linda Martin Moore Dance Award
  • Mary Lou Holls Costume Scholarship
  • Roger Nelson Musical Theatre Scholarship
  • Baruch/Bridgeman Award for Outstanding Achievement as a Player
  • Toy Box Scholarship
  • Arlen and Florence West Scholarship (rotates among departments within the college)
  • Hall Theatre Experience Scholarship
  • Sentry Scholarship
  • Melvin R. Laird Exceptrional Artist Award
  • Nigbor Family First Nighters Scholarship
  • Gingrasso Dance Education Study Award
  • David B. Carter Acting Scholarship
  • David B. Carter Musical Theatre Scholarship
  • David B. Carter Design and Technology Scholarship
​​ ​