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Tim Curtis -Tim's website

Tim Curtist ArtworkTim received an MFA degree from the University of California, Berkeley. He has participated in many exhibitions and International symposiums. His installations and site-specific projects have been created throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. Curtis uses natural materials that are rare in sculpture. The hovering or floating effects that appear in his works attempt to make heavy matter lighter than air, suggesting that it is spiritually buoyant-a sublime contradiction.​

Johann Feilacher - Johann's website

Feilacher ImageJohann began his first drawings and small sculptures in grammar school in Villach, Austria. Despite his love for sculpture, he earned his medical degree in 1979. He later became the director for the Gugging House of Artists in 1983. He currently works in his studio in Hausleiten, Austria, but has works in Europe and the United States. "Pieces of wood" best describes his work. His art evokes animistic traditions, linking it to the work of primitive tribes in other parts of the world: areas where today nature and growing technical civilization are at war with one another.

Francois Lelong - Francois' website

lelongFrancois, trying to incorporate his practices of art, prehistoric archeology and traveling, works with materials he finds on-site. Interested in new relationships between man and nature, Lelong explores new cultures and countries while pursuing art. He has experimented with many different materials from mineral, vegetable and animal worlds, including: clay, ice, wood, feather, stone, sand and oxides. Lelong has worked in a large geographical spectrum, visiting countries as Korea, Sahara, Italy, Ethiopia, Sweden and Senegal.

Thomas Radeloff - Thomas' website

radeloffThomas, born in Demmin Meckl./Vorpommern, began studying art at Zentrum Bildende Kunst in Neubrandenburg. From 1976 to 1981 he studied metal-sculpture at the University Burg Giebichenstein in Halle. In 1981, he received his diploma while working independently in Katzow, Germany, where he founded a sculpture garden and in 1992 initiated the annual international sculpting workshop. Radeloff has participated in more than 50 exhibitions in Germany and other countries and has over 15 single exhibitions.

Urs-P Twellmann - Urs-P's website

Urs-P., born in Langnau im Emmental, Switzerland, has studied art at the Academy of Arts in Berne, Switzerland, the Art Students League in New York and the Manhattan Graphic Center in New York. He has been a professional sculptor since 1981 and has been doing one-man and group shows since 1979. Wood is the number one medium used in his work. Exploring the characteristics and possibilities, as well as the tension between chaos and order, center the creative process in which he breaks, chops, saws and analyzes the material eventually bringing it into new arrangements and connections.

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