Honorary Fellows and Collaborators

Faculty, students, professionals, landowners, and others who develop, support, partner with, and sustain the WCW are recognized as collaborators. When special recognition is justified, we take it a step further by declaring them "Honorary Fellows." 

​Honorary Fellow​s 

In 2014, Gerald and Helen Stephens granted an endowment to the UWSP-College of Natural Resources (CNR) in memory of their son Douglas, to create the Douglas R. Stephens Endowed Chair in Wildlife.  Interest earned from the endowment provides operating funds for the WCW.  We are grateful to the Stephens family for their enduring support.


The spark for the WCW was fanned into a flame by Christine Thomas, Dean of the UWSP College of Natural Resources. She had the vision and drive to secure funding for the WCW.  Her devotion to the CNR and WCW are deep and without end.

Gerald and Helen Stephens, Benefactors

Christine Thomas, Dean of CNR