Jim and Katie Krause CNR Student Research Symposium 

The 22nd annual Jim and Katie Krause College of Natural Resources Student Research Symposium was held virtually on April 9, 2021! All UW-Stevens Point students were invited to participate by submitting an oral and/or poster presentation. There was a lot of amazing research happening and although the stay-at-home order made it difficult for some students to submit their work, we included their project titles, names, and abstracts to give you a peek into what they have been working on. Those able to submit their presentations have a link for you to view a brief presentation. 

Students have invested considerable time conducting research in areas such as fisheries and water resources, forestry, human dimensions of natural resource management, paper science and engineering, soil and waste management, and Wildlife Ecology and Management. The symposium allows students to present data they have collected, explored, and analyzed during the course of their research. Faculty mentors play an essential role in guiding students through the process in a spirited and educational fashion which expands beyond the traditional bricks and mortar of the classroom. Explore the great stuff happening at the links below:

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Reaching new levels of research, together.

A little history....

The CNR Research Symposium originated with former UW-Stevens Point CNR Dean Victor Phillips and is organized by a steering committee made up of students working with faculty and staff members. Each year approximately 100 undergraduate students showcase their research to 400-500 peers, faculty, staff, and the public. This experience is a great way to hone presentation skills in preparation for your professional career. All presenters have the choice of being evaluated by a judge, with the highest honors awarded to the upper quartile.

The CNR Symposium is often accompanied by a photo contest organized entirely by students and sponsored by the UW-Stevens Point chapter of Xi Sigma Pi. It attracts over 100 entries and provides an excellent sideshow that blends with the scheduled agenda of the symposium itself. The photo contest usually awards 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes for the top entries (voted on by their peers) in flora, fauna, and scenic and international categories. 

Interested in being a part of the steering committee, contact the CNR Research Symposium Committee at cnrurs@uwsp.edu.   

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